Coordinate Formats

MapIt! accepts the following coordinate formats:

WGS-84 Datum
  • hddd°mm.mmm
  • e.g. N50 37.899 W001 56.330  or  50 37.899N 001 56.330W
  • hddd°mm'ss.s"
  • e.g. N50 37 53.9 W001 56 19.8  or  50 37 53.9N 001 56 19.8W
  • hddd.dddddd
  • e.g. N50.631650 W1.938833  or  50.631650N 1.938833W
  • ddd.ddddddd
  • e.g. 50.631650 -1.938833
    OSGB Datum
  • British Grid
  • e.g. SZ 04422 81331 or SZ0442 8133 or SZ044813
  • Numeric British Grid
  • e.g. 404422,81331
  • UK Postcode
  • e.g. BH19 2AA

    The format of the entered coordinates is reasonably flexible and as long as the various parts of the coordinates are separated in some way the conversion should work. For example if you enter "blahN50*37 899 - W1:56:::330rubbish" it will be decoded as N50°37.899 W001°56.330 .


    You can simplify the use of the Map Linker by installing our MapIt! bookmarklet. This bookmarklet is a small piece of javascript code that will allow you to get a map by simply highlighting the coordinates on a webpage and clicking on the MapIt! link. It's as easy as that - no more cut and pasting!

    To create your own bookmarklet go to the MapIt! bookmarklet generator page and follow the instructions.

    Linking to Maps

    The URL can also be used to add map links to your web page by adding '?c=' followed by any of the valid coordinate formats listed above.

    Example°38.417 W002°03.554

    Coordinates format
    All the formats specified in the Coordinate Formats section can be used.

    Optional parameters
    &title=xx add a title to the map
    &size=5 display a 5 x 5 size map

    Examples W2*03:554&title=Corfe+Castle 50° 38.417 W 002° 03.554&title=Corfe+Castle&size=5 2AA&size=5

    Example HTML code to add a map link to your cache page
    <a href="°38.417 W 002° 03.554&title=Corfe+Castle" target="_blank">Click here for a map</a>

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